The Curse

…of “UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS” is a curse that most investors are afflicted with and don’t know it.

It causes them to buy when they should be selling, sell when they should be buying, and freeze when they should be running to a smarter strategy.
Consumers are cursed when they read an article or watch a show with severely faulty or outright false information (often hosted by an untrained media personality with no credentials other than an opinion and a microphone) and then form expectations and make buying decisions based on faulty information (often being supplied by the very companies paying for advertising with the news-media outlet!).  These purveyors of putrid investment information know they are targeting a well-known human weakness: “People tend to believe what they want to hear”.

Marketers hammer away at that weakness by repeating the claims in articles, advertisements on TV, radio, and magazines and pundits who have obvious biases.  I find it quite alarming that they are allowed to get away with it daily.  It is really just consumer and elder abuse.  This is why marketers repeat, and repeat, and repeat their faulty information – they hammer away at consumers until they are brain-washed into believing the lie.  Once the Kool-aid has been drunk the curse takes effect.  Not good.

As Buffet states, “Beware of the glib helper who fills your head with fantasies while he fills his pockets with fees!”.

These purveyors of unrealistic expectations and those who buy into their fables should take heed of Warren Buffett’s warning:

“You’re unlikely to make anything like 5.3% (avg. annual returns) over the next 92 years…and for those of you who think you’ll make 10% – or 8% from price appreciation  and 2% from dividends, dream on.  Because, as Buffett puts it so succinctly, you are implicitly forecasting a level of about 24,000,000 on the Dow by 2100.”*

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