Titanic Proof Your Retirement

I just watched the billion-dollar blockbuster production of the Titanic Movie for the first time since I watched the premier.  It was the ship to be on.  A bunch of wealthy folks who could get a ticket sailed on it.  People saved and spent a lot of money to get on board. All were impressed… until she sank on her maiden voyage killing most on board.  Tragic! Why all the deaths?  Because there were not enough life-vests or life-rafts on board.

The multi-billion-dollar retirement stock and bond fund folks want you to get on their retirement ships and sail in to retirement with 100% risk, no life-boats, no guarantees; no insurance backing their investmentsIs that the kind of retirement ship you want to be on?  Between 1999 and 2009 there were TWO CATASTROPHIC CRASHES where Retirement Ships were sunk and portfolios killed with 50%+ losses!!!

Annuities allow you to sail through retirement with Safety backed by Insurance Companies, Liquidity and Life-time guaranteed income.  Why sail on any other ship?