Retirement Survival “Rule of 3” By Doug Moore

16,000 people have died in America since 2000 due to exposure to the elements.  With outdoor & accident survival, “most are unprepared because they’ve focused on the wrong things: They’ve focused on far-off, unlikely events and ignored the obvious threats that kill Americans every day. They’ve ignored the survival “Rule of 3”: In a physical emergency, you will die from a lack of air in 3 minutes… exposure to the elements in 3 hours… dehydration in 3 days… and starvation in 3 weeks.  So, while it’s important to have food and water in an emergency…When it comes to survival, you should always focus first on preparing for the things that will kill you the fastest.” *

Likewise, too much exposure to market risk kills 1000’s of retirements each year — people who thought they had “killer retirements” prior to the last 3 crashes got hammered and their portfolios & retirement dreams killed because they had: 1/ too much risk, 2/ no exit plan, and, 3/ no income plan.   


  1. Don’t Lose Money!  Your nest egg should include safety, liquidity and growth followed by →
  2. Guaranteed Income: without guaranteed, income you do not have a guaranteed retirement. And you must →
  3. Budget your retirement around the guaranteed incomes we give our   clients NOT on speculative growth “estimates or projections”.  You can’t plan your retirement on past returns because the economy & markets today are MUCH different than past years (and any advisor worth his or her ‘salt’ knows this). → Don’t wait until the next crisis to set up your Retirement Survival guaranteed income plan.   Call me today to get a customized plan regulated and protected by the Insurance Commission for your State.  We will email you all pertinent brochures and state mandated forms.  Include what state you live in, your age, that of your spouse and the amount you want to place in your guaranteed income for life nest-egg account.

© 2017
*1/2017 Daily Lifer; see also Ted Koppel (Nightline) book, Lights Out

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